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RELIEF FUND - To reboot the virus-hit economy

34.570 - Families supported until now through this campaign.
4,000 - Daily wagers and Migrants listed under the beneficiary scheme.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a breakdown in all economies of the world. Major economies like the USA have been severely affected resulting in an increase in unemployment worldwide and a decrease in economic growth.#ERRSCOVID

The Indian economy is also affected adversely. All the sectors on which the Indian economy had been growing have been impacted. The government of India is taking all preventive measures to cope with the evolving crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, we started with the distribution of food and other essential supplies to the neediest and we are continuing it as we understand that the food is very essential need and survival without it will not be possible. The current condition has occurred for the first time and no one was prepared for it globally. The lockdown and the psychological fear of COVID-19 have created a great problem for the daily wagers and low-income group. There is not even a single sector which is not affected due to this pandemic.

The ongoing crisis has also raised concern on the management of the low-income group section of the society. In consideration of the ongoing conditions, we have prepared the following strategy post-lock down to reboot the virus-hit economy of India.

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