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FLOOD RELIEF FUND - Please help the neediest in Bihar and Assam

2,500 families supported till now under this campaign. 


Condition of Bihar - 

Population Affected: more than 38,00,000
Districts Affected: more than 38
Agriculture land Affected: more than 3,10,000 hectares



Condition of Assam - 
Population Affected: more than 54,00,000
Districts Affected: more than 29 

Agriculture land Affected: more than 2,40,000 hectares


The condition is already worse due to the COVID-19 pandemic and now Nature is testing us on other parameters. Water is rushing into the houses of Millions in the flood-affected regions. They have lost their livelihood and their savings. They are forced to live an empty stomach.

The condition is becoming worse day by day as new regions are adding in the list of these affected regions. Currently, we are supporting the families worst affected in the regions of Mumbai, Bihar and Assam.

Our unity had been our biggest strength, we are also aware that many hands would not raise as people are deeply affected due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking for support from those who are in a better financial condition and can help these neediest families. #ERRSINDIA

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