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Disaster Relief Fund - Support Flood-affected UP, Kerala and Mumbai

1250 - Families supported until now through this campaign 


The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted all the sectors globally resulting in an increase in unemployment and a rapid decline in economic growth. We were not able to cope with the evolving crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic, some natural disasters hit us in the form of Cyclone and Floods.

During the lockdown, we reached out to the families who were in dire need of support in the form of food and medical supplies. There are million's of families who still need support.

In this process, we are able to create a greater impact as the funds are through one channel, and we ensure that the families are supported on a priority basis and there is no misuse of funds.
We have generated this one campaign to track the progress made under one link and to provide you with full transparency on the fund's utilization and impact created over the ground.

For Tax Benefits -
Please send us the below information at -
1. Name
2. Contact Number
3. Email Id
4. PAN
5. Amount Contributed to the campaign/Payment Receipt

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